My fav season

I love all things summer. The heat, the bright days, the vibe in the air. It’s like everybody gets infected with some summer fever and people appear happier. I love the bright colours whether clothes or just the general outdoors. I love how the sun sets late so you can stay out a little longer and blame it on not realizing how late it got.

This summer my friends and I want to start a ‘MacLarens’ tradition. An adapted version of the MacLarens pub from “How I met your mother’. We are going to be trying new things this summer, – going for picnics, getting together for drinks at new places (see my fav cocktails), going to the dams or wildlife orphanages. I’m also going to try to rope them into going camping and hiking and having game night at least once a week.

I’m definitely looking forward to summer 🙂


A few of my favourite things

I received an inspirational email from a friend and the phrase that really stuck was life is too short to be anything but happy. And I realize that it’s true. At the end of the day, when friends are gone and the day is spent, memories are all that I have left. And I want my memories to be filled with joy and laughter. As a result, I choose happiness. And I’ve decided to do a series of posts on things that make me happy.

1st in the series, my fav cocktails 🙂


My idea of a good night used to be about drinks specials, good music and great company. As a student, the type of places I went to were limited. The list includes but is not limited to pubs, bars, cocktail bars. And while they all offer different vibes, I always have loads of fun when I went go clubbing.

Hemisphere in Cape Town was about as classy as I got and even then when I compare it to TABOO, it amounts to nothing! I mean when it comes to the view, Hemisphere wins without a doubt. The chocolate fruit fondue and riding the elevators to the top of the ABSA building all add to the amiable atmosphere. It is a very lovely place but lately, I have been exposed to a different type of environment.

In enters TABOO.

Taboo is an amazing club. It is huge, glamorous, spacious and has lots of sitting area (inside, outside, downstairs). The vibe is very cosmopolitan. I was just glad there were no BEE types (you can tell who they are by those damn pot bellies!) or students (it’s not within typical student budget unless you have a trust fund or it’s a really special night) or MR UPTIGHTs (defined as the guys who got to club and stand around by Rhythmic Elements).

We were popping bottles all night long (thanks to my amazing brother in law) and they aptly played Trey Song’s Say Ahhh. My line of the night was ‘we don’t buy no drinks at the bar, pop champagne coz we got that dough’. Did I mention we got served sushi around 11p.m.? Not to mention the Lindt; which by the way goes down very well with champagne. It was a GREAT night. All this without being VIPs, We were just ordinary club goers. Now imagine what VIP treatment is like (besides costing R10 000 a year).

They play all genres of music which adds to why it appeals to all sorts of people. The night I went Roger Goode and DJ Jerome (the resident dj) were bringing down the house which explains why we got home after the sun had risen. The last time I did that was in 2008. All things considered, it was a good night. I mean, I got my sister to dance on a pole with me.

Taboo is amazing and I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more places like it.