week 4 on success…

I have officially survived 4 weeks of NO JUNK FOOD! The beginning was difficult but by the time I got to week 2, it was much easier. I haven’t suffered from any serious cravings and I think I can officially start my healthier better living! I did indulge myself when I went away for my girls weekend but hey rules are meant to be broken… 😛 *you try saying NO to red velvet cake, lol* Its been a long four weeks filled with loads of temptation (The Pup brought out boxes of Ferrero Rochers, one of my friends re-discovered her love for chocolate biscuits, my mum decided that the month of June would be one where my favourite biscuits are always available in the kitchen, etc etc etc)…

I’ve decided I’m not going to cut junk food out completely from my diet. I’ll allow myself to indulge about once a week but I will take more notice of what I eat. But overall,  I’m happy I survived. 🙂

Here’s to a healthier, happier Sunshyne! ♥

week 3

Going to see my girls this weekend. So excited 🙂 Its been a while since we last hung out! But I’m worried about my no junk food challenge… One of the girls discovered an amazing bakery which we will definitely check out so I guess I should just accept that I may possibly cheat this weekend… *actually its very likely* 😉

Otherwise week 3 was uneventful. Cravings were rare and I managed to get through them. In other news,  The Pup has stopped supplying my shoe fund *double bleh* maybe his swearing wasn’t so bad after all… lol

Enjoy your weekend!

week 2 on cheating…

Week 2 was much better. The cravings were not as bad and I’ve learnt how to snack healthier. I’ve discovered Provita crunchyvites which are available in three fruity flavours; lemon and honey, red cherry and currant, and orange and sesame seed. I’m not sure just how healthy they are but its better than reaching for some chocolate and they taste good too 🙂

I’m also trying to get into eating more fruits and nuts. I love cashews so that’s what I’ll be snacking on now. But like all good things, a little goes a long way. Cashews have a high fat content so over consumption can cause unwanted weight gain so moderation is KEY!

My one splurge is these Bakers mini cheddars. I have a fairly good idea these are NOT healthy but they are baked so that’s how I make myself feel better.

In other news, The Pup’s potty mouth is much better now. The money I’ve collected in fines is less than the number of days we have gone through this month so far. So that’s a good sign. I hope this will last way after the challenge is over! I probably have to start thinking about what gift to get him now… any suggestions will be welcome 🙂

Have a good weekend!

week 1 in photos…

Day 1

White pony, pink pony, chocolate pony. even the animals have turned into chocolate…

Day 2


Day 3

whatever the question may be, chocolate is ALWAYS the answer!

Day 4

stepped into a kombi and one of the other patrons had these, I could almost taste the vinegar…

Day 5

Day 6

caramel donuts, so sweet, so fresh…

Day 7

Its been a challenging 7 days but I’m glad to say I have it made without cheating! Besides the headaches, mood swings, hallucinations and cravings that almost wanted to take over (withdrawal symptoms for sure!) I have managed to say NO to junk food. 1 week down, 3 more to go!

On another note, the pup is up to $11 in fines. Each time he swears he pays a dollar. But I have to be honest, the true value should be about $6 but if he says something I don’t like then I fine him anyway *insert evil laugh here* The Pup gave me a box of smarties today. I guess its payback for fining him without due cause… I accepted it and said thanx with a smile on my face and told him I would put it away until my 30 days are over! I’m thinking of giving it away though… Don’t know if I will be able to resist those 11pm sugar cravings…