I like fancy things…

It’s one and a half months before my 25th birthday and I’ve decided to make a birthday wish list so I get the “perfect” gifts. Funny how I’m looking forward to aging this time around but a few years ago birthdays were so depressing. The last birthday I enjoyed was my 21st. I went out with friends and had a blast. This time around, I want gifts that I know I will definitely appreciate. The list is coming out early so there is ample time to save and get me the ultimate gift. Here’s to hoping I get some of the things on my list…

  •       Escada S by Escada (the BIG bottle)
  •       Nokia Lumia 800 (in cyan or magenta NOT black)
  •       A book voucher (nothing less than R500)
  •       A music voucher (nothing less than R500)
  •       Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden  (50ml)
  •       A body shop voucher
  •   A return ticket to Mozambique (for all my cheap skate friends I’m talking about plane ticket)
  •       A return ticket to Cape Town
  •       A pair of Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo’s (I’m a size 6/7)
  •       Genuine leather handbag (in choc brown or black or any bright           colour)
  •       A Zara clothing voucher
  •       A weekend get away at Mangwanani spa

My fav perfumes

The second post in this series will be about perfumes. I appreciate when someone smells good and so I’ve been making more of an effort to stop buying perfumes in “tins” and go for the more elegant grown up stuff. Although I prefer fresh smells, there have been a few fragrances that I’ve used and liked, that don’t meet the status quo. I tend to have more everyday fragrances like Clinique etc and some special occasion ones which is where the fragrances on this list come in. This list doesn’t include ALL the fragrances that I like but more the ones that leave an impression.

1.    Chanel no. 5 : Femininity is timeless

This is a more grown up smell and it’s not what I usually go for but it was a gift and one that I love. It’s a timeless smell though because this fragrance has been around for ages (created in 1921). Whenever I use this fragrance I can’t help but think of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O – my fashion icons. These ladies represent what Chanel # 5 is all about – timeless femininity. No matter what outfit I’m wearing, I feel confident and ready to take on the world.

2.    Elle by YSL

If colours had a smell, this is what pink would smell like. I first learnt about fragrance from my big sister (@africanhairblog.com) and I fell in love with it. It makes me fell girly and I could walk down the street doing twirls.

3.    Calvin Klein in2u her
         I love this fragrance. I’ve had it for almost 3 years.          It’s one of those that I use when something fun is going  on like when I went to the Ne-yo concert. It has a fresh smell that I absolutely adore.

4.    Gucci Guilty

The first time I smelt this fragrance I had gone out to one of those larney clubs and they had it in the ladies. I loved it from that moment onwards. I guess maybe I like it so much because my mind associates the smell with good times

The next addition to the family is tough knock out round between Dolce and Gabbana light blue and  Narciso Rodriguez for her… hmmm….