Merry Christmas

christmas-baubles-vector-28769I think I am a lot more excited about Christmas this year around. Not because of gifts but because the build up to Christmas was just so entertaining this year. I attended concerts in the park, sang Christmas carols with the neighbours, watched the Drakensberg Boys Choir in action and I was really immersed in the music of this season.

On the topic of music, when I was in primary school and high school, I was a part of the choir. Every year there was a Christmas Carols concert held at the City Hall and various schools would practice for months and then perform songs there. There was an afternoon show and an evening show. The primary school kids would perform during the afternoon show only. It was so much fun! And I remember some German song that our Choir Mistress once taught us and how we loved to sing “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, FAT” and there was another song we once performed whose lyrics went like “eBethlehema lase Judea, Judea”. Writing this post has brought back a flood of memories – I’m off to look for all this music! 🙂

I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas. As we remember the birth of our Lord, may it teach us to be blessings to those around us and fill our spaces with love and joy!


’tis the season 101

Christmas is over. The festivities are done. Trees have been put away.  Lights have been taken down. The leftovers are finished by now and others (like me) are back at work. That being said, now is a good time to reflect on this past festive season. Seeing as I plan on moving out soon I thought I’d give people a heads up on what to expect if they should decide to come over to my place over the festive season or any other holiday in general.

I have early mornings everyday so when a holiday comes along I grab the opportunity to sleep in with both hands. Chances are if you come to my place before 9am, I’m not going to open the gate. To that person who came to my mom’s house at 7am. I heard you banging on the gate. You woke me up. I’m the only one who heard and yes I ignored you purposefully.

If you wanna come visit during the day, call me and let me know. It will not be my fault if you pitch at my gate and find me not at home or find me on my way out. Unless you’ve travelled over oceans, I’m not going back into the house to entertain you.

Don’t visit me and then dictate what I must cook for you. Unless you have allergies or you brought your own groceries or you are gonna slave over the stove yourself, don’t tell me what to make. My house, my kitchen, my rules.

If you haven’t bothered to look for me during the year, don’t call me just before Christmas telling Christmas yasvika ka (Christmas is upon us) and you need a plan a.k.a groceries a.k.a money. Not gonna happen!

Last but not least don’t overstay your welcome. I like people who visit for short periods of time (max. 3 days unless I really like you then you can stay longer). That way if you ever wanna visit again, I’ll be more willing to let you stay.

Thank you for visiting the Republic of Sunshyne, Please call again! 🙂