on joy stealers…


I know it probably wasn’t the smartest decision to make without a plan B but I didn’t have the fighting power anymore. I’ve read about jobs that take more from you than add to you. At the time I read that, I though it was not possible, one could always control and know how to deal with work! But I found myself in such a situation. The worst part is that I was learning so much from that particular job but my soul was not at peace. I couldn’t remember the last time I slept for 8 hours. And I value a good night’s sleep! On a good day, I slept 4 hours and I considered it a great night if I didn’t wake up in a sweat, my heart pounding with work on my mind. I was always in a panic and I even started to doubt myself, doubt my capabilities and believe that the problem was with me. I spoke to a lot of people about how I felt and how my health was being compromised by this job and out of all my mentors, only 1 told me to leave the job if it was really that bad. But that was 1 voice of reason out of so many so naturally I went with the majority and stuck it out for a long time – too long. I mean, I was not a quitter and I was strong! Besides who just walks away from such a great opportunity.  I finally got the courage to do what was right for me! I’m grateful for the opportunity I had, I’m grateful for everything I learned in that time but it was time to move on. And looking back 1 year later, I don’t regret my decision. From here  on out, it’s onwards and upwards!

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it! Onto to the next chapter!The price of anything is the amount if life you pay for it! Onto to the next chapter!

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