week 1 in photos…

Day 1

White pony, pink pony, chocolate pony. even the animals have turned into chocolate…

Day 2


Day 3

whatever the question may be, chocolate is ALWAYS the answer!

Day 4

stepped into a kombi and one of the other patrons had these, I could almost taste the vinegar…

Day 5

Day 6

caramel donuts, so sweet, so fresh…

Day 7

Its been a challenging 7 days but I’m glad to say I have it made without cheating! Besides the headaches, mood swings, hallucinations and cravings that almost wanted to take over (withdrawal symptoms for sure!) I have managed to say NO to junk food. 1 week down, 3 more to go!

On another note, the pup is up to $11 in fines. Each time he swears he pays a dollar. But I have to be honest, the true value should be about $6 but if he says something I don’t like then I fine him anyway *insert evil laugh here* The Pup gave me a box of smarties today. I guess its payback for fining him without due cause… I accepted it and said thanx with a smile on my face and told him I would put it away until my 30 days are over! I’m thinking of giving it away though… Don’t know if I will be able to resist those 11pm sugar cravings…

on swearing and junk food…

So while checking out now she runs I was inspired to try the no junk food challenge. I love these 30 day challenges.

The rules (I added in a few of my own) are:

I guess they don’t call it challenge for nothing!

I have a serious sweet tooth and very bad eating habits so I think this challenge will be good for me.  As with all other things in life, it’s easier to go through these things with a friend so I’ve roped The Pup into doing his own challenge. The Pup has some serious road rage issues which we are trying to work through so his challenge for the next 30 days is NOT to swear! I suggest he say smurf every time he would rather cuss. Yes, I recently watched the Smurfs movie. FINALLY. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed. I grew up watching Smurfs so I love those little blue buggers 🙂 Anyway I digress… SO every time The Pup does swear he has to pay me $1. I told him I’d get him a gift after the 30 days but I see myself getting a new pair of shoes instead… 🙂

That generally sums up how I feel about exercise and stuff. I’m just lazy but hopefully after doing this challenge, I’ll find it slightly easier to give up certain foods (chocolate not being one of them!) lol

I will be blogging about this challenge because I am 110% sure The Pup will provide loads of anecdotal moments.

Have a good weekend!