But its broken!


The 18th of July was Nelson Mandela’s birthday. The niece had to attend school dressed proudly South African and as we are Zimbabwean and don’t have a national dress, I had to go shopping for the kids to get something appropriate. I say kids because in this household, you can’t buy anything for one child and not the other. The kids have learnt the art of emotional blackmail – you love her more than me etc and I can’t handle that stuff. I just cave right in and give the other what they want lol. So I decided to get a beanie and scarf set for both kids. I then picked out what clothes they would wear. Its winter so I went with jeans and jackets. My nephew has a pair of distressed jeans that I think are so cute so I picked those for him to  wear to school.

He could look like Kanye…

Or look as cool as Usher….

or like teen heart-throb Justin…

but all the little one managed to say was “but mainini, they are broken!”

My nephew didn’t understand why his jeans had to be “broken” by the knee. He didn’t understand this fashion madness situation that his aunt was trying to get him to adopt.

Ah the refreshing innocence of childhood! 🙂


Nappy Roots!

I’m on a new journey. To grow healthy LONG NATURAL hair. As a result, I don’t just put any products into my hair. I’m much more selective and I actually take care of my hair now. I do treatments once a week and moisturise my hair twice a day. I use coconut oil, peppermint oil, amla, oil, you name it.

This past weekend, I removed my braids. They were long and thin so as a result, my hairline suffered. At the current moment, I’m on a road to recovery – operation renewed hairline.

After removing my braids, I wanted my hair blow dried. I can’t do it myself so I decided to go to the salon and since I was going there anyway, I decided to get a treatment as well. I went with my own products (shampoo, cholesterol, moisturising lotion). First it was the snickering and rude remarks about how I want to “treat” my NATURAL hair. I guess they thought they were whispering but since us Shonas are generally loud, I could hear every single word. Then when I brought out my OWN products, it was more rude remarks and funny looks. Now, I’ve been to A LOT of hair salons in Bulawayo and the treatment is generally the same. BAD. I want a hairdresser who will embark on this journey with me and give me advice that will help my hair grow. I want more than a hairdresser. I want a hair technician. Someone who know, understand and respect my hair. Someone who will look at my hair and advise me on what products to use. Someone who will nurse my hair back to health. I feel Bulawayo salons and hairdressers are so backward. I’m yet to discover a hair dresser who will treat my hair with respect. If anybody knows a good salon in Bulawayo, give a sister a shout out please!

Did I mention, the girl couldn’t even blow dry my hair. She was useless. I left the salon looking the same way I did when I had walked in. Actually, my hair looked kinkier to me. And she had another client who had come to renew her s-curl. The hairdresser renewed it and only after did she realise the client’s hair had grown a little bit too long. And instead of admitting that she should have asked the client if it was ok to cut her hair then renew the s-curl, the hairdresser starts to complain about how difficult the client was! HELLO! WHAT! REALLY! Isn’t advice a crucial part of your job description????

I’ll say it again, If anybody knows of a good salon in Bulawayo, give a sister a shout out please! I wish Bontle’s could open a salon here as well *wishful thinking*

i hart dresses

I love dresses.

Long, short, a-line, sheath, flowy, maxi, mini,  cocktail, Stepford wives inspired, tunics, wrap dresses,  – I LOVE DRESSES.

Dresses are just so easy. I don’t have to worry about too many things. What jacket, t shirt, blouse,shirt will go with it are all unnecessary questions with a dress. All I need are a cute pair of shoes, some jewellery, occasionally a cardigan and I’m good to go.

Below are some of my fav pieces that I’ve collected over the years. Some are gifts, some I searched for high and low and just called my name the minute i walked into the store 🙂

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Hair today, gone tomorrow!

When it comes to my hair, India Arie’s song I am not my hair comes to mind. My hair is the one aspect about myself that I can truly indulge my crazy ideas and get away with it. It represents my moments of maverick. When it comes to my hair, I am very adventurous! I’ve done it all, relaxers, colour, a la naturel, dreadlocks, braids, weaves, you name it and I’ve probably done it.

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On the 20th of January this year, I was having a bad hair day and decided to cut my hair. It was a purely emotional decision but one that I don’t regret. I’m loving the new look. The best part is being able to stand in the shower without having to cock my head to the side. Not to mention that I spend so little on haircare every month. I’m an extremist especially when it comes to my hair and one can only imagine the next level of craziness after I tire of my brush cut.

Life is like a fashion show… part 2


Life is like a fashion show,

You can either be Donatella Versace – over the top, not afraid to dream, living LARGE, with everyone knowing your name


you can be aunt Sally from down the street, mediocre, too afraid to go for what you want. A small blip in the radar that is the world!